What makes a good job posting?

How can companies acquire new personnel? This was one of the main topics at the TALENTpro Expo Festival in Munich 2023, where the importance of good job advertising was emphasized so that applicants get a good impression of the company right from the start. But what does a good job advertisement consist of? talessio recruiting expert Anna Grüneberg compiled the most important points:

person working on tablet at a desk
  • Obvious, but still often neglected: job ads should be formulated in an appealing and understandable way. Less text is usually better, and graphic highlights should point out important positions. A glance from the prospective employee must be enough to attract their attention.
  • Job ads are often very similar in structure. Check your ads and try to include something that will set you apart from other companies. While you're at it, pay attention to mobile optimization.   
  • Requirements: Often departments have a long list of requirements, which should preferably all be included in the job posting. But always remember: You are not addressing your departments with the job advertisements, but the target group of your advertisement. Think about which requirements are really relevant and how you can formulate them as precisely as possible. 3-5 points should be enough. By the way: Prospective candidates also have requirements, of course. Studies show that stating the salary range can improve the number of applications received.
  • Of course, you do not only want to set requirements, but also present your company benefits. These are also very important, but beware: standard benefits are not necessarily attractive to applicants. For example, what does "a good working atmosphere" or "flexible working hours" mean? Again, you should try to emphasize why exactly your benefits are special and what makes them special. It can help to highlight benefits for specific target groups in various advertisements. The general rule is: quality over quantity.
  • Of course, you should also include a contact section. Make sure to make this section more personal and lower the inhibition threshold for applicants by including a picture of the person responsible. Concrete directions, e.g., via a Google Maps link, can also be very helpful in making it as easy as possible for applicants to find out more.Be cautious with "mailto" links. Not all prospects have the appropriate settings. Always try to make email addresses directly available as well.     

All well and good, but how can you efficiently create good content job postings without needing too many internal resources? In addition to many providers who specialize in generating, designing, or improving content, you can also use new tools yourself. Have you ever used ChatGPT to generate job postings? TALENTpro shows this will also be a trend of the future.