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IT should be a helpful tool, not a burden. We translate your HR processes into efficient and easy-to-use solutions, offer HR and IT consulting, take care of configuration, integration and interfaces.

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Project Methodology

Our project approach, based on our best practices and experience, leads clients step by step to successful project completion. We advise our clients on everything from optimising HR processes to functional and technical implementation to data migration and evaluation.









Data Definition



Custom Configuration

Go Live

Review and Envision

Challenge & Solution

Cornerstone OnDemand Consulting & Implementation

We are a fully certified partner of Cornerstone OnDemand, one of the world's leading solutions for integrated talent management. With our knowledge and experience in all Cornerstone modules, we consult and support you in getting this solution up and running, in implementing and integrating it quickly and easily.

⁠We translate your HR processes into a flexible, efficient, and easy-to-use configuration. We coordinate the requirements of your key stakeholders with the overall design. We take care of functional and technical dependencies and ensure overall quality. We prepare, coordinate, and assist in the rollout. In addition to that, we upskill your operations team to make you self-sufficient for any future changes.

Functional Configuration & Optimization

Having found a shared understanding of your objectives and your processes, we design and optimize the functional configuration of your system to make the best out of Cornerstone OnDemand portals. To do this, we take your organizational structure, your security and visibility requirements, your reporting and KPI needs, as well as the interest of data protection, GDPR, and works council into account.

⁠We support you in configuring all Cornerstone modules: from Recruiting & Onboarding through Learning & Development to Performance, Careers & Succession incl. Core HR & Master Data Management.

talessio scrutinized existing processes and found solutions that were tailored to our exact requirements. talessio's wealth of experience and their ability to adapt best-practice processes helped us overcome individual challenges.


Technical Integrations & Interfaces

Even the best HR IT solution does not just exist on its own, but in an environment of other IT solutions.

⁠That may be your HR IS master data system, an SAP solution, or something else, an Active Directory Single Sign-On system — cloud-based or on-premise —, an enterprise data warehouse, virtual classroom solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Cisco WebEx, job boards and job board distributors for posting your job offers or any individually developed software.

⁠We help you integrate all these other systems with your Cornerstone OnDemand swiftly and quickly to ensure a good user experience.

Configuration Review & Enhancements

As processes change, IT systems need to adapt. Whether it's your employee appraisal, your training concepts, your career pathing, your employer branding, or simply the way you want to document and report things. What once was a properly working configuration might turn out to consume too much effort for your future activities.

⁠We support you in reviewing and optimizing your configuration, in understanding, developing, and refining your requirements as well as your processes and help you improve a running system to working perfectly again. We limit interruptions in the process of change and help you transform your past into a more efficient future.

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Data Migration & Transformation

Data is the treasure. Having it in the wrong place, the inappropriate "language" doesn't help you benefit from it. Using your data enables you to open your treasure chest. Migrating data from one system to another, may it be a legacy system or just a manually maintained Excel, is not just a pure copy-paste process.

⁠Migrating data from one source to a new destination is always a process of translation. Just as every language has a slightly different grammar, data copied word by word does not preserve its meaning. With our vast experience of data migration and transformation projects, we help you maintain the past and benefit the future.

Project Management & Governance

Delivering your project on time and within budget is one thing. Offering you transparency at all times is the more important one. Whether in a classical waterfall project approach or by handling things in an agile way: We strongly believe that keeping track of items in a structured and transparent way is key to delivering quality.

⁠It might seem obvious, but still: we think we should think about it together to ensure joint and aligned expectations. Agreeing on timelines, documenting tasks and issues, addressing and resolving them, documenting effort and highlighting dependencies as early as possible — what seems to be just daily business still need to be done correctly. With our experience in global projects, we're here to help.

Christine Böckmann