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Change happens and solutions need to keep up with that. We run change management and upskilling services, ongoing support, maintenance, consulting, application management and process outsourcing services.

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Project Methodology

Our project approach, based on our best practices and experience, leads clients step by step to successful project completion. But the real work, the change management and the process of continuous improvement only begins with the project completion.









Data Definition



Custom Configuration

Go Live

Review and Envision

Challenge & Solution

Change Management & Internal Marketing

It's easy to redefine a process. It's even relatively easy to set up a new system and get it up and running. But having done that, you're not entirely done. Engaging people with a new way of how things work, introducing a system and fascinating them with the possibilities, and overcoming frustration caused by changing old behaviours is quite an effort in communication.

⁠With our experience of numerous implementations and the change management and internal marketing activities required to ensure a full organizational and not just a technical go-live, we're happy to support you.

Custom Training & Documentation

One part of every change management initiative is to train your users: users of different target groups, users with other use cases, users with diverging scenarios, backgrounds, and experiences. Just one type of training doesn't help them all. Also, given a distributed audience, you might need to think about different training methods: on-site, remote, virtual.

⁠We help you design to-the-point training, concepts, materials, documents or sessions. We help you teach people how to use a system technically and how to benefit from it in the flow of their process and requirements.

talessio accompanies its customers over many years and remains a reliable partner at their side.


Support, Maintenance & Consulting

One tends to think just of the things that are straight ahead. For example, the tasks immediately need to be taken care of during implementation. However, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead and already build up the operations, administration, and support team already during the implementation to govern the processes and system later on.

⁠As such, activities on the business side as well as from a helpdesk perspective might require support, maintenance or even consulting, we're happy to also accompany you through that part of the HR IT lifecycle and offer you the knowledge and the resources to keep a sound system running and to ensure proper handling of all potential issues.

Application & Release Management

A system might run, but it will change. Especially in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) scenario, you might need to think about how to handle changes in the system and its configuration, about how to review, test, distribute, and communicate releases, as well as how to document them properly. This is very important in regulated and validated environments or industries that need to comply to certain standards like 21 CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11.

⁠With our experience through a wide range of industries, we offer you best practices and our support to handle the application and release management easily. This is how you can benefit from the change.

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Outsourced Administration & Support

Having set up a system to facilitate and simplify your processes, you might not want to bother with the maintenance of data, entering lists, drawing reports, or any other administrative activity. We offer you experienced resources to outsource such activities to ensure that you can focus on your business and the outcome of using HR IT systems, but not being required to do day to day work in it on your own.

⁠Besides outsourced administration, we can also offer you the outsourcing of your support model, be it first, second, or third level support.

Business & Deployment Support

Everything starts somewhere, as does the usage of an HR IT system: maybe in one department, maybe in one business unit, maybe in one country. Having achieved this initial go-live and having created the commitment and the satisfaction in your HR stakeholders as well as in your employees, you might want to extend the usage to other areas, other locations, other entities.

⁠We're happy to support you in the rollout to other businesses and to support local deployments, taking into account specifics of these new targets groups but still taking care of the overall governance and the already established guidelines.

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