Success Stories

Under Construction: A digital learning platform for a construction company

Max Bögl is one of the largest construction companies in the German construction industry. Since its founding in 1929, the company's history has been characterized by innovative strength in research and technology - from customized individual solutions to overall solutions that are sustainable in terms of construction technology and ecology.

⁠When it comes to corporate learning, Max Bögl also relies on innovative ideas and a viable overall solution that can map all company-specific processes well. Max Bögl chose talessio as its partner for the implementation of the Cornerstone Learning solution. There are three key success factors that contributed to the successful implementation and characterize the long-term cooperation Max Bögl experiences with talessio: open and honest communication, structured project organization and the problem-solving attitude. Max Bögl benefits from the wealth of experience of the entire talessio team and is thus able to continuously develop mbakademie. The personnel development team at Max Bögl describes the cooperation like this:

Man shows digital learning platform on a cell phone
Communication at eye level

talessio took the time to understand our needs and requirements. The open and honest communication made it possible to ask questions and address concerns. This created a trusting working relationship that supported the success of the project. Additionally, the German language support provided by talessio made communication faster and easier.

Long-term empowerment of the Max Bögl team

Due to the structured way of working, we had a clear overview of the project progress at any time and could ensure that all steps were traceable. talessio carefully documented all decisions and processes for us. The well-developed project plan and the efficient project management contributed significantly to the successful implementation. From the beginning, independent implementation and trial and error in the system were encouraged. We were able to work out many things ourselves with guidance, which now facilitates independent problem solving in our everyday work. We experienced an enormous reduction in workload and time savings through "division of labor" in communication with the software provider Cornerstone and the development team - especially before and during the critical go live phase.

Can't do, can't do - a solution for every problem 

talessio scrutinized existing processes and found solutions that were tailored to our exact requirements. talessio's wealth of experience and their ability to adapt best-practice processes helped us overcome individual challenges (for example, the process flow of external seminars or mapping qualifications in the system with expiration dates). Through talessio's support, we were able to successfully implement specific processes that we originally did not envision in the Cornerstone platform. We experienced extensive research on talessio’s side until a solution was found.

Long-term collaboration

Thanks to talessio's excellent communication, effective project organization and responsiveness to specific customer needs, mbakademie was able to get off to a successful start. In addition, Max Bögl has chosen talessio to accompany and support the mbakademie because it is growing and constantly being expanded with new functions where talessio can provide optimal support and advice. The communication on eye level makes this cooperation very pleasant.