Success Stories

New LMS within two months?

As a digital provider, Deutsche Glasfaser is striving for nationwide fiber-optic expansion and is thus making a major contribution to Germany's digital progress. With innovative planning and construction methods, Deutsche Glasfaser is the technology leader for fast and cost-efficient FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) expansion.

⁠Deutsche Glasfaser needed a new Learning Management System (LMS) within a very short time. The goal was to introduce a blended learning platform for proactive learning for all employees in order to strengthen the employees' personal responsibility for their development. In doing so, the digital provider has taken another big step towards a "new learning culture" in the company.

Man shows learning process on a flipchart

Straightforward implementation

The LMS implementation was supported and accompanied by talessio. talessio enabled the team at Deutsche Glasfaser to implement as much as possible themselves as quickly as possible. Thus the implementation was uncomplicated and quick on the technical as well as functional side. The short feedback cycles between Deutsche Glasfaser and talessio were particularly valuable. This ensured the transfer of knowledge during the implementation.

Collaboration at eye level

Deutsche Glasfaser particularly benefited from talessio's experience. They always experienced the cooperation at eye level: topics were communicated in an easily understandable way. The pro-active approach contributed to a quick implementation, even when there was a "fire".

Leverage further potential?

The full potential has not yet been exhausted: Deutsche Glasfaser plans to introduce further modules to advance the digital transformation - for its customers as well as for its employees.